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Sunday: George’s eyebrows are on fleek apparently
Monday: Toyota at Legends
Tuesday: Honda at Legends
Wednesday: Fluff monsters in the yard
Thursday: Lounging squirrel loves the porch
Friday: Photos from the ball are up
Saturday: Love seeing friends in our new home




[A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com]

Details: Sharing boozy root beers with friends, brunch at The Fold Little Rock Arkansas, 13 Tilly’s Essential seamless camisoles, my perfect evening, Moleskine Classic Notebook Pocket Squared Hard Cover 3.5″ x 5.5″, one un-Spocked cinq, rosemary potato loaf from Kroger, my first ticketless movie (tickets were optional, but we didn’t buy them and the purchaser used the QR Code option without any printing…so I had to change my “ticket stubs” tag to “movies” because new technologies are turning paper tickets into rare ephemera).



[A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com]

Details: Goofy dog sprawl, bitcoin, FedEx envelope of mystery, Harry & David Pears, 2012 Sterling Cabernet Sauvignon, a mandatory speech (that I crushed), making a fancy muslin, football < kitties.



[A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com]


Details: Pennies & resin, Panera Bread Austin Texas, flat tire repair, San Pellegrino sodas, roasted rhubarb with brown sugar and orange juice, pungent two part resin encasing coins, taco night!, lazy Saturday with sleepy dogs.




[A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com]


Details: Benefit Cosmetics Sephora Midland Park Mall Midland Texas, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Sincerely, OS X Mavericks, CVS Pharmacy Midland Texas, American Airlines, Chili Fights in the Heights Little Rock Arkansas, sauna.



[A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com]


Details: Okinawa Japan, Jinro soju, America Town, OB Blue, Hite, Seven Luck Casino Seoul South Korea.