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Sunday: Ghost Train Blueberry Cheesecake
Monday: New Tieks strike again
Tuesday: F. Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Home
Wednesday: Packed for 10 days, needed 30
Thursday: Maxell domination begins
Friday: Vintage Cafe, Montgomery Alabama
Saturday: LG portable air conditioner



[ A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com ]

Sunday: Wake in Arkansas, sleep in Alabama
Monday: Built in the 1940s – my newest home purchase
Tuesday: #adulting
Wednesday: Okay guard dog…when he’s awake
Thursday: Quick selfie before dinner
Friday: Ridiculously snuggly pup
Saturday: Textured ceilings are the worst


[ A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com ]

Goodbye Command and General Staff College!
Sunday: Handy burn barrel
Monday: Merriam, Kansas
Tuesday: I’m going to miss the heated floors too
Wednesday: The string was at the pub the whole time!
Thursday: Century Van Lines
Friday: Crated domestic move this round
Saturday: Haven’t seen this gal in too long!


[ A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com ]

Sunday: Alpha-male dog of house doesn’t mix well with shepherds
Monday: Hello again IKEA Merriam
Tuesday: Leinenkugel in Shenandoah
Wednesday: Household goods on a truck, little damage so far
Thursday: We are champion (un)boxers

Friday: Weston Orchard and Vineyards U-Pick season day one
Saturday: Long dog spines are weirdly flexible


[ A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com ]

Details: Train station exit view in Akiba, non-dubbed Logan, Attack on Skytree, East garden lawn selfies, we missed those two dog faces, Treehouse details, Downey Moving and Storage, non-grape wine is fun can’t wait to buy some from SpaCityTropicalWinery.com



[A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com]


Details: Dragon slippers & Flamingo slippers, Skype video call, Mr. Higgins the Happiest Terrier in the World, Johnny Carino’s Odessa Texas, Ryan Gosling “Hey girl” meme, University of Texas Permian Basin, Waffle House Arlington Texas, Barbec’s Dallas Texas, Ron’s Corner Tavern Euless Texas.