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Sunday: Alpha-male dog of house doesn’t mix well with shepherds
Monday: Hello again IKEA Merriam
Tuesday: Leinenkugel in Shenandoah
Wednesday: Household goods on a truck, little damage so far
Thursday: We are champion (un)boxers

Friday: Weston Orchard and Vineyards U-Pick season day one
Saturday: Long dog spines are weirdly flexible



[A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com]

Details: Chateau Smith & Yates Alden Perry Reserve & One Time Spaceman, sneaking leftovers into eggs and calling it dinner, small backyard celebration for the 4th, trivia night with the Js, card designing with Pages, full couch, $40 worth of lotto attempts -you can’t win if you don’t play!, post nap puzzle and adult beverages.



[A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com]

Details: Handsome dog face, a lovely little bouquet, Paws Park at Rebsumen, fresh green tomatoes that magically appeared on my porch in a shopping bag from the Flamingo Las Vegas Nevada (haha!), everyone loves uncles, Piro Brick Oven and Barroom SOMA Little Rock Arkansas, Get Pop-Cultured at Barnes and Noble Time Travel Weekend, Beer Olympics on this day of declaration in North Little Rock.



[A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com]


Details: Roadtrip! Squirrelly dog, walking to the convenience store, The Fold: Botanas & Bar Little Rock Arkansas, Sistema food containers, pomegranate martinis & double doodle, Lake Travis Texas, second night of fireworks because…weekend?



[A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com]


Details: DuoLingo, Hastings Odessa Texas, The Blue Door Midland Texas.