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Sunday: Didn’t take a photo at the New Years party
Monday: Orange rolls are life
Tuesday: Where there is snow there is cold
Wednesday: KAFA on Tune In
Thursday: Little pupper
Friday: ‘booch smelled good too *cries*
Saturday: My favorite Fuego Box yet




[ A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com ]

Details: Sharing my kisses with all of the boys in my house, all of the cards, tiny puppy requires very small hugs, clean house and upright rower, 1886 Crescent Hotel Eureka Springs Arkansas, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is AMAZING, Buffalo River detour, midnight kisses for all happy 2017!



[A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com]

Details: Big snuggles from my big dog, Japanese from Zero! 1: Proven Techniques to Learn Japanese for Students and Professionals (Volume 1) by George Trombley, Yukari Takenaka (Paperback), fancy face mask to help me clear up the residual stress acne from finals, postagramapp.com, donating whole blood at my local Red Cross, FaceTime kiss to bring in the new year!, our rental is a cookie cutter house, Moleskine Classic Notebook Pocket Squared Magenta Hard Cover 3.5″ x 5.5″



[A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com]

Details: Surprise custom cake, Adeco hydraulic lift adjustable barstools with chrome finish, Seal of the Circuit Court, Shutterfly photo book, one of Little Rock’s many bridges, CanvasOnDemand.com 20″x16″ print, Guy Fieri spatulas and warm flannel jammies, Loblolly Creamery in Green Corner Store Little Rock Arkansas.



[A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com]


Details: Cafe 5501 in the Heights Little Rock Arkansas, isolated snowfall, new year’s kiss, Cards Against Humanity, Michael Sowa “Filmhound” & “Fowl with Pearls”, LA Fitness Little Rock Arkansas, Big Orange Little Rock Arkansas, Flying Saucer Little Rock Arkansas.



[A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com]


Details: Front Beach Ocean Springs Mississippi, The Molly Ringwolds, Beau Rivage Casino Biloxi Mississippi, Merton, Ohr O’Keefe Museum of Art Biloxi, Davenport Lounge Ritz Hotel New Orleans, Audubon Aquarium New Orleans Louisiana.