[A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com]

Details: Excited dogs greet me with noses at the door, chestnut stalking, Labor Day coworker barbecue eating party, big dog approves of my new list, Chicago postcard, Starbuck’s Chile Mocha is my new favorite, good boys have good sits, Ghostbusters fabric will be well used.



[A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com]

Details: Happy dogs, rain watching, turning leftover vegetables into hot & sour soup, Internet Cat Video Festival at the Arkansas Art Center, annual phone number update beginning 2010 and still current, cooking dinner without power, checking on the neighbors, toddler parties in North Little Rock.



[A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com]

Details: Ghostbusters stick, impatient Atlas, not looking at the camera, Find My iPhone, relevant information duly noted, Hillcrest Arkansas, Lost Forty’s photo booth at Food & Foam Fest, pasta party with part-time Italians.



[A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com]

Details: Sharing boozy root beers with friends, brunch at The Fold Little Rock Arkansas, 13 Tilly’s Essential seamless camisoles, my perfect evening, Moleskine Classic Notebook Pocket Squared Hard Cover 3.5″ x 5.5″, one un-Spocked cinq, rosemary potato loaf from Kroger, my first ticketless movie (tickets were optional, but we didn’t buy them and the purchaser used the QR Code option without any printing…so I had to change my “ticket stubs” tag to “movies” because new technologies are turning paper tickets into rare ephemera).



[A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com]

Details: Extra snuggly pups, handy Coach cross body in Metallic Cherry, my phoney alarms, Bioré pore strips, Epson label printer LW300, photogenic dogs, Cripp’s Apples at Kroger, Steelers vs. Bengals…those are American football teams I hear.



[A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com]

Details: Big snuggles from my big dog, Japanese from Zero! 1: Proven Techniques to Learn Japanese for Students and Professionals (Volume 1) by George Trombley, Yukari Takenaka (Paperback), fancy face mask to help me clear up the residual stress acne from finals, postagramapp.com, donating whole blood at my local Red Cross, FaceTime kiss to bring in the new year!, our rental is a cookie cutter house, Moleskine Classic Notebook Pocket Squared Magenta Hard Cover 3.5″ x 5.5″



[A week in the life of DiurnaTango.WordPress.com]

Details: A photo of Atlas from earlier this year – recycled because he’s so good looking, Café Bossa Nova Little Rock Arkansas, Annual Phone # Update – maintained since December 2010, Guinness in its natural habitat (an Irish pub), Fold Fix at the Fold Little Rock Arkansas, Baby Lock 5260D serger with differential feed, glass oil bottle with gold stopper $5.99 at WorldMarket.com, 80% Nylon/20% Lycra print at Hancock Fabrics Little Rock Arkansas.